The future.

The way it used to be.

"The Starman Saga is a refreshing science fiction adventure that emphasizes entertainment over controversy. The setting is a believable view of the future of our solar system, with some fun speculative elements added in. Recommended for fans of space adventure."

- Adam David Collings, author of Jewel of The Stars

"This is Starman David Foster in Eagle City."

"A large force of pirates has landed...."

"Traitors have locked down the city...."

"Numbers... unknown...."

"Purpose... unknown...."

"I will be unable to make further contact...."

One rebellion. One Starman.

David "Zip" Foster is the Starman assigned to Eagle City on Mars. The traitors have him outmanned, outgunned, and on the run. Control of the entire planet is within their grasp. All they have to do is neutralize the lone Starman assigned to Eagle City. After all, how much damage can one man do, even a Starman?

They don't know that Starlight Enterprise is sending two more Starmen to back him up.

The pirates don't stand a chance.



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"My name is Lurton Zimbardo."

"My asteroid strike has just destroyed the atmosphere plant at New Emmaus."

"You cannot see me. You cannot stop me. I have more power than you can imagine."

"Within the day, my asteroids will destroy the remaining four atmosphere plants on Mars."

"You are helpless to oppose me. Soon you will be hopeless to survive me."

Lurton Zimbardo, the surviving leader of the Martian mutineers has escaped into the Asteroid Belt. With deadly accuracy, he hurls undetectable asteroids at Mars, devastating the terraformation process. Now his ruthless and vengeful sights are dead set on Earth.

David Foster and the Starmen are the only ones who can locate the invisible pirate base, disable the cloaking device, and turn aside the unstoppable asteroids. But the secret behind Lurton Zimbardo's unstoppable power could change humanity forever!



The Future, the Way It Used To Be

The late 1960s was a golden age for series fiction of all kinds; Tom Swift Jr, Dig Allen, Rick Brant and others enjoyed a tremendous popularity. The Starman Team seeks to create a series of stories both reminiscent of that age and appealing to contemporary readers. Like the classic books, there will be no foul language and no extreme violence in the Starman series. The series is designed to encourage the human mind and spirit and extol the virtues of courage, honesty, and good-heartedness. The lead characters follow a philosophy that life is good, the creation is exciting as well as beautiful, hope is reasonable and worthwhile, and the spirit of adventure is worth pursuing.

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